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Forum Setup

?Edit YaBB News
?Set Censored Words
?Clean Active Log
?Detailed Version Check

Edit YaBB News

This allows you to set the text for news items displayed on the Board Index page. Add any item you want (e.g., "Don't miss the conference this Tuesday!"). Each news item must be separated by a carriage-return. You are also allowed to use YaBBC tags in your news for variety!

Set Censored Words

You are able to "censor" words by forcing their replacement. For instance, if you want to replace posters usage of "maniac" with "goofball," you can use this page to set up this replacement. Use the examples in the default censor list to see how this is to be done. An example is "wordtoreplace=replacement".

Clean Active Log

This will clear the list of currently active members on your board (i.e. the users online list displayed on the Board Index).

Detailed Version Check

Perform a detailed check of the modules comprising YaBB. This is purely informational, allowing you to see if your files are up to date.