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Member Functions

?View All Members
?Edit Membergroups
?Mailing List
?Edit Ban List
?Set Reserved Names

Functions you are permitted to perform for members

View All Members

View all members in the board. You are presented with a hyperlinked list of member names. You may click on any of the names to find details of the members (homepage, age, etc.), and as Administrator you are able to modify these parameters. You have complete control over members, including the ability to delete them from the forum.

Edit Membergroups

You may create or modify "Member Groups". Member Groups are special groups that you can create to restrict access to certain categories on your forum. For example, you can create a category, where only the "test" membergroup can access and see it.

Mailing List

From this menu you can send messages to all members who've registered and entered their email addresses (not all will, of course). You may edit the distribution list, or send messages to all. Useful for important update/news information. However, use sparingly, the board doesn't have an "opt in/out" feature, and may users may object to having messages sent to them without their authorization.

Edit Ban List

YaBB provides the ability to "ban" users, to prevent people who have violated the trust of the board by spamming, trolling, etc. This allows you to those users who are detrimental to your forum. As an admin, when you view messages, you can see each user's IP address used to post at that time. In the ban list, you simply type that IP address in, save, and they can no longer post from that location.

Set Reserved Names

This allows you to put in keywords or names that you want to restrict people from using as a name or username.